Here’s a playlist celebrating the career of the legendary Snoop Dogg (Playlist)

It’s easy to take Snoop Dogg for granted. You don’t think so? Ask yourself. When is the last time you included the Boss Dogg in your list of Top 10 MCs or even put him in the discussion? There is no question he should be in the discussion but he is often overlooked. Why? Maybe it’s because his outsized personality has become bigger than his music. Maybe it’s because he’s now a jack of all trades, graduating from rapper to actor to TV personality to Pee Wee football coach to…Or, maybe it’s because after putting in solid work for 20 years straight we just expect his greatness and thus are no longer surprised when we see it. Whatever the case may be, it stops right here, right now. As we did with Scarface, here at AFH we are giving props to our legends while we have them instead of after they are gone (RIP MCA). This installment of Living Legends is dedicated to the one and only Snoop Dogg. Here’s a playlist to remind you of what 2 decades of dopeness sounds like. Related: Living Legends – Scarface (Playlist)

Living Legends:  Snoop Dogg Playlist