Living Legends: A Playlist Celebrating the Career of the One and Only Rakim (Playlist)

Watching Rakim perform last night (see footage below) was a reminder of why he has nicknames like the God MC and Rakim Allah. There was a good 5-10 year stretch where there was NO QUESTION who the GOAT was. The debate started at #2, after the R. For these reasons and many more, we celebrate Rakim tonight as part of our Living Legends series. Here’s a (mostly) video playlist of some of Rakim’s jewels. Related: Living Legends: A Playlist Celebrating the career of the legendary Snoop Dogg (Playlist)

Here’s some footage of Rakim performing at Joe’s Pub in NYC last night as part of the Reebok Classic series.

Living Legends:  Rakim (Playlist)