Living Legends: Here’s a playlist celebrating the 18+ year career of OutKast (Audio)

How do you say Living Legends with one word? OutKast. Big Boi and Andre 3000 completely re-shaped the perception of hip-hop, particularly Southern hip-hop, when their album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik dropped in 1994 and they’ve continued to change the game for 18 years strong. Though they haven’t released an album together since 2006’s Idelwild, even a hint of an OutKast reunion still sets the hip-hop world on fire. And, each continues to stay relevant musically on the solo tip (actually, the feature tip for 3 Stacks) to this day. We celebrate the contributions of OutKast as part of our ongoing Living Legends series where we pay homage to our greats while we still have them. Here’s a playlist to take you on a musical journey of their storied career. Related: Living Legends: Scarface Playlist (Audio)

OutKast - Living Legends Audio Playlist