Taking A Page From Nas, Rakim Makes An Unauthorized Biography Of Nelson Mandela (Audio)

Almost a decade after Nas made “U.B.R.” (the unauthorized biography of Rakim), Rakim raps the life of the late South African President Nelson Mandela. The song is called “Madiba,” (Mandela’s nickname, in part, meaning “father”) and is said to appear on the upcoming film soundtrack, Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom, starring Idris Elba. The song is released just weeks after President Mandela’s death. Heads know that Rakim verses are extremely rare these days, suggesting just how moved he was by the storied emancipator, and pillar of kindness, patience, and determination.


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Rakim did not take a page out of Nas so called Book, most Biography's are done after the person pass on, Nas did one on one of the greatest MC's ever, and he is still alive and Nas never bothered to get at Ra to see how he felt about it...... Rakim did a dope job with this song and it's a tribute to the great Nelson Mandela.