Rapsody Catches A Moment In Time With Jay Z

When Rapsody crossed paths with DJ Premier in 2013, Ambrosia For Heads thought it was powerful, important. This past weekend, the Jamla Records artist who dazzled us with She Got Game in 2013, and The Idea Of Beautiful in 2012, stood alongside Jay Z backstage at the Magna Carta Holy Grail Tour in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina for another photo’s-worth-a-thousand-words moment.


This is not the first time Rapsody and Jay Z crossed paths, though. As she told us in late 2012, she’d met Roc Nation’s founder previously, in an office lobby. These happenstantial run-ins included Rapsody giving Hov a CD…

Jay had a major hand in taking Rap’s mentor, 9th Wonder, from a highly-respected underground producer/member of Little Brother, and into a Grammy Award artist with gold and platinum plaques on the wall. That was The Black Album, over a decade ago. With Rap regularly referencing and interpolating some of Jay’s timeless moments, think anything will come of this?

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