Dave East’s “It Was Written” Details The Journey That Led Him To Nas (Video)

One of the true jewels of Dave East’s patient career is “It Was Written.” The opening track to 2016’s Top 40 Kairi Chanel album showed that Dave did not need to write a story to make convincing raps. The Harlem, New Yorker looks within and traces his journey from hustling, trying to be heard as an unsigned rapper, to ultimately linking with Nas and Mass Appeal Records. Now with Def Jam also in the fold, East is a deeply exciting figure in the Rap landscape.

“It Was Written” is expressed visually starting with the words on the page. Around the world that raised him, Dave tells his story into the lens. As his lyrics suggest, he hopes to be a different kind of rapper, as he is unhappy about people who are not true to their words. The ink is still drying on Dave’s rise, but songs like this are why veteran street MCs like Nas, Beanie Sigel and Method Man get down with him.

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The track is produced by Mr. Authentic.