The Pharcyde’s Fatlip Says He’s All The Way Back & Shows It (Video)

Last year, founding Pharcyde member Fatlip worked with Edo. G and producer Tone Spliff on video single “Playtime Over.” ‘Lip and Tone keep that chemistry strong going into the soulful “For You.” This track features two Madlib collaborators in Percee P as well as Strong Arm Steady/Likwit Crew member Phil Da Agony.

Fatlip’s verse especially stands out. The admitted recluse uses his first look of 2017 to touch on the fact that it takes him a decade to write some of his songs. He uses his mic time to tell Heads to stop stressing about his output or asking him where he’s been. Instead, he says he’s exactly where he needs to be. The rhymes are in tact and the delivery is tight, as this 25-plus-year veteran may be setting the year ahead off in style.

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Percee and Phil follow with style, in their own right. Tone cuts up the track that lets the vocal tell Hip-Hop purists that this one is truly for them. This song was not included in last year’s Pull No Punches (which features Fatlip and Percee).