Jamila Woods’ Colorful “LSD” Video Features Some Chance Acid Rap

Jamila Woods’ contributions on Chance The Rapper’s 2016 Coloring Book were some of that album’s most essential. The Chicago, Illinois singer, poet, and educator has a long history with her peer, friend, and collaborator. From her just-formally released Heavn LP, the Windy City multi-talents re-link for the “LSD” music video. That effort was available online last year, but now is packaged as an LP.

Contrary to its title, “LSD” appears to be a drug-free experience. Instead, Jamila and Chancellor find the color and uplifting vibes in everyday life. The music video features a backyard summertime party, in addition to various Chi City street scenes and waterside vignettes.

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“A body of water inside me / Reminds me of oceans, though I’ve never known one / I’m born by a cold one / It’s only a small one compared / To the coast, I prefer it to most / I like water that don’t burn my eyes when they open / I won’t let you criticize / My city like my skin, it’s so pretty / If you don’t like it, just leave it alone,” sings Jamila in her opening verse.

Later in the video, Chance delivers a backyard verse that includes a Spike Lee nudge, and references to the MC’s strong Midwestern bloodline.

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Heavn also features peers such as Saba and NoName.