Childish Gambino Tears Up The Stage On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

Last night (January 13) Childish Gambino gave a truly amazing performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He performed his song “Sober” off his new double EP, STN MTN / Kauai with

How Do You Follow Up a Lyric Video That Features a Porn Star? By Cozying Up to a Teddy Bear in the Actual Video…Here’s Childish Gambino’s 3005 (Video)

Childish Gambino gets his Ted on in the ironic video for 3005. After creating a sexy lyric video with porn star Abella Anderson, Mr. Glover gets comfortable with a teddy

Childish Gambino Chats with Porn Star Abella Anderson in 3005 (Lyric Video)

Childish Gambino has put together one of the most creative executions of a lyric video yet, for his song 3005. He fakes a live cam experience with porn star Abella

Childish Gambino Jumps In The Time Machine & Sets To Dial To 3005 (Audio)

With a new album soon on the way, October seems to be new music month for Childish Gambino. On his latest track “3005,” Childish sings his own hook along with