Prince Has Not Moved On From Baltimore. Have You? (Lyric Video)

Prince was among those deeply moved by the April protests in Baltimore, Maryland. What may seem in the rear-view of a year (perhaps a period) that continues to bring incidents,

Prince’s Latest Tells “Rappers Tryna Be Singers” That They Can’t Satisfy (Audio)

Guitar in hand, Prince has been a Rock & Roll juggernaut just as much as R&B or Pop. Throughout his nearly 40-year career, Prince has merged the genres in establishing

Prince’s Guitar Cries For Baltimore, With A Retro Sound & Current Issues (Audio)

Gearing up for tomorrow’s (May 10) Rally 4 Peace in Baltimore, Maryland, Prince has released the song he made in response to the city’s social unrest. The Paisley Park founder

Prince Gives Some Game To The Lovers, Courtesy Of Clouds (Audio)

In the last 24 hours, it was revealed that while Eminem has a double-album/compilation coming, Prince has two September releases of his own, on the same day. Included in the

Details Emerge Surrounding Prince’s 33rd & 34th Albums, Releasing Together

In five short weeks, Prince will release the Artist’s 33rd studio album, Art Official Age. Similar to the wordplay De La Soul used within their own A.O.I. (Art Official Intelligence)