In A World Filled With Hate Audio Push Spread Love (Video)

Next month, Audio Push will be releasing their first studio album after releasing more than ten mixtapes. Representing Southern California’s Inland Empire (a region which houses, among others, the cities

Audio Push Redefine What’s Regular In Normally (Video)

Hailing from the Inland Empire, a sprawling suburban section of Southern California that is far enough from Los Angeles to have its own cultural identity but close enough to still

Audio Push Are Sending Out “Good Vibes” On Their New Mixtape (Audio)

Audio Push, the talented California duo of dancers turned MCs, have released a mixtape carrying on a tradition established by West Coast pioneers like Dr. Dre and Cypress Hill, celebrating

Audio Push Serenade Their Medical Muse, Mary Jane (Audio)

Par music loves its metaphors. Hit-Boy’s star pupils Audio Push take the age-old concept of doubling a drug as a lady. Sam Sneed, Scarface, and even Tyga know a thing

HS87 Hits You With Freestyles Over Unreleased Hit-Boy Beats On Sway In The Morning (Video)

It’s a family affair when Hit-Boy and HS87 hit the Shade 45 studio. Hit-Boy discusses his love for music, introduces his father, and takes some phone calls with fans on

Audio Push Do an Off the Top Freestyle and Loaded Lux Drops Bars (Video)

Audio Push and Loaded Lux visited the Sway in the Morning show at SXSW and dropped several verses. Audio Push did off the top freestyles back and forth effortlessly, Run-D.M.C.

The Week in Video Brought Out the Best in Kendrick Lamar, Redman’s Crib, New Phonte & More (Video Playlist)

This week was dominated by Grammy coverage, and there were some clear highlights like the Kendrick Lamar/Imagine Dragons mashup, but there were also several other gems that might have gotten

Audio Push Make Some Chillout Music to Help You Turn Down (Video)

Audio Push is showing exponential growth lately. The former Interscope duo from Cali’s I.E. (Inland Empire) makes a vignette-based video for “Turn Down.” Kind of in the “Passin’ Me By”

Hit-Boy Brings Audio Push & Logic Together For Juveniles (Audio)

With the new calendars, everybody is seemingly identifying the major prospects of 2014 Hip-Hop. As few could have predicted the stellar 2013 enjoyed by Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa and

Think Hip-Hop is Dead? Audio Push and Joey Bada$$ Beg to Differ…Tis the Season (Video)

Each time Hip-Hop is proclaimed dead, a new crop of MCs emerge to carry the torch of the 40-year old culture that just multiplies. 2 leaders of the now school

Audio Push Kicks Ill Freestyles On Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesdays Show (Video)

Audio Push kicks a mean off-the-dome tandem set of verses over a classic Pacewon/Lootpack instrumental, provided by Tony Touch. The pair has way too much fun, as they enter a

Audio Push Call Out Everything In Hip-Hop They Hate While Acting Like Gentlemen (Video)

Once signed to Interscope Records, Audio Push is so much more than their breakthrough single “Teach Me How To Jerk.” The Inland Empire, California duo (same city that 40 Glocc

Audio Push – Come As You Are (Mixtape)

It’s been almost 4 years since “Teach Me How To Jerk” first hit the airwaves, and although it’s a track that brought Audio Push to the forefront, it’s definitely a

Hit-Boy – T.U. ft Audio Push, Problem & Juicy J

Hit-Boy saved his latest hot beat for himself. Check out T.U. also featuring Audio Push, Problem & Juicy J. Related: Hit-Boy – Brake Lights (Video)