Snoop Dogg Singing an Elvis Presley Christmas Song?? Hearing is Believing (Audio)

Snoop Dogg continues his reign as one of Hip-Hop’s preeminent jokesters. To celebrate Christmas, he has released his own take on Elvis Presley’s Blue Christmas, vocal inflection and all. If

Here’s a Dark and Twisted Take on a “Christmas Carol” From Killer Mike & El-P (Video)

When Run The Jewels’ first album dropped this Summer, album closer “A Christmas F*ckin’ Miracle” seemed a long way away. El’s beat kinda had that caroling feel, while both men

Merry Christmas from AFH – Playlist & 2012 Christmas Eve Mix from Kook DJ Red Alert & Funkmaster Flex (Audio)

Here’s a Christmas hip-hop playlist for you, as well as the entire 5 hour 2012 annual Christmas Eve mix from Kool DJ Red Alert and Funkmaster Flex. Related: Freeway –

Hip-Hop Christmas Playlist

Here’s a Hip-Hop Christmas playlist. Merry Christmas from AFH.

Merry Christmas to all. May your years only get better.

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