Rare Video Reveals That B.D.P.’s Criminal Minded Was An Answer To Non-Believers

Thirty years ago this week (March 3, 1987), the direction and style of Hip-Hop forever changed thanks to Boogie Down Productions' debut album, Criminal Minded. With only "South Bronx" in wide circulation prior to the release of the B-Boy Records album, KRS-One and DJ Scott La Rock made a jaw-dropping... Read more

Just-Ice Reveals Vivid Details About The Day Scott La Rock Was Killed (Video)

Boogie Down Productions co-founder DJ Scott La Rock is a Hip-Hop luminary that much of the world never got to properly know. On August 27, 1987, the DJ/producer born Scott Sterling was killed, less than six months after B.D.P. released debut Criminal Minded. One of B.D.P.'s close affiliates was MC... Read more

D-Nice Recalls The Day Of Scott La Rock’s Murder, Reveals That After BDP, He Battled Homelessness (Audio)

One of Hip-Hop's most resilient figures is D-Nice. The Human TR-808 came into vogue as an MC, down with KRS-One, Scott La Rock, and Boogie Down Productions. Rolling with one of the late '80s most ferocious Hip-Hop outfits, D-Nice became B.D.P.'s most prominent off-shoot, signing a solo deal with Jive... Read more