Talib Kweli Redesigns Currency For His Anti-Capitalism Campaign (Video)

MC and activist Talib Kweli has loaned his voice to various social and political movements over the course of his career, most recently as a guest on Real Time With

Talib Kweli Says Eff The Money & Then Proves It. He Gives Away Free LP. (Album Stream)

August 15 UPDATE: Talib Kweli has also offered an official album stream of F**k The Money: Earlier today (August 14), Talib Kweli offered a powerful indictment on greed and materialism.

Talib Kweli Tells Money-Lusting MCs What They Can Do With It…(Audio)

So much of Hip-Hop is centered around money. There are songs about how much money MCs are making through illicit means, whether it be through the sale of drugs, stick

B.o.B. and Wiz Khalifa??? Yeah. It's as ill as it sounds. Check out F*ck the Money.

Is anybody else getting excited for Wiz’s album to drop? Click here to download..