Just Blaze & Young Guru Discuss the Early Days of Roc-A-Fella (Video)

If you have an interest in peering behind the curtain in the music industry, it’s been a phenomenal week. Q-Tip gave a 2-hour talk on his creative process, J. Cole

Just Blaze & Young Guru Talk Producing Tracks for The Blueprint and More (Video)

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Scarface – The HardKnock TV Interview Pt. 3 (Video)

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Scarface – The HardKnock TV Interview Pt. 2 (Video)

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Scarface – The HardKnock TV Interview (Video)

The OG Scarface sat down with HardKnock TV recently. He spoke about how he crafts his rhymes, the importance of expressing vulnerability in your art, not liking his own work,

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De La Soul Interview with Hardknock TV (Video)

Meenie, meenie, meenie, meenie, meenie… Here’s a dope interview of De La Soul from HardKnock TV. They talk about how their classic “Buddy” came about, their motivations early in their

ElzHi Talks About His Earliest Hip-Hop Influences and More (Video)

You clearly hear the influence Nas had on ElzHi but would you believe Ice Cube was the MC who made him want to start rapping? Here’s an in-depth interview of