Vic Mensa Once Again Shows He’s 1 Of Today’s Best MCs With A Punishing Freestyle (Video)

Yesterday (July 28), Vic Mensa released his debut album, The Autobiography, but Mensa is far from new on the scene. The Chicago MC first made waves in 2009, as part

Kendrick Lamar has solified his place in that increasingly rarefied class of MCs with clever lyrics and a compelling message with Section 80.

Check out this video where he breaks down the meaning of HiiiPower and how Tupac has inspired him. If you don’t have Section 80, it may just be the best

Ahh…here we go. Here’s the new video for Kendrick Lamar’s HiiiPoWeR (ft J. Cole on the production). Get ready for Section 80.

If you’re feelin’ this, check out this mix featuring new Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and many, many more “new” cats who are killing the game right now.

Kendrick Lamar on the verse and J. Cole on the production. It’s gettin’ kinda hectic…

Check out HiiiPoWeR (Kendrick sounds a LOT like Pusha T on this, no? Not a bad thing, but I’m sayin’…). Click here to download (not free–support good music).