Public Enemy’s Latest is an Homage to the Motherland & All of Her Pain (Video)

In July, Public Enemy released Man Plans God Laughs, the 13th studio album from the Long Island, New York icons. Reportedly inspired by the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Run

Public Enemy Expect No Sympathy From The Devil In These Trying Times (Video)

Public Enemy’s just-released Man Plans, GOD Laughs is a zeitgeist album—politically, socially, and sonically. Chuck D recently told Rolling Stone, “With the situation of unrest in society, and the police

Public Enemy’s Energy Only Grows. See The Man Plans, GOD Laughs Title Cut (Video)

Today (July 15), Public Enemy made their latest album, Man Plans, GOD Laughs available for stream. Formally released next week (July 22), Chuck D, Professor Griff, DJ Lord and Flavor