M.K. Assante Draws Inspiration from Maya Angelou & J. Dilla on My Victory (Audio)

Author, scholar, poet and MC, M.K. Assante, draws inspiration from Maya Angelou and J. Dilla on “My Victory.” M.K. sprinkles in his heady verses, accompanied by some words of wisdom

Common Remembers Maya Angelou In This Touching Letter (Food For Thought)

In the wake of Maya Angelou’s death last week, Common published a heartfelt reaction. Comm’s words explain everything they need to, but Ambrosia For Heads felt this was something too

Rocko & Nas Share A Love For The Hustle (Audio)

One may say that a key component to the “Hustle” of living is the ability to continue to move forward even during tough, dire situations. Atlanta, Georgia veteran rapper Rocko