See The Side Of Compton That Makes Kendrick Lamar’s “Keisha’s Song” A Reality (Video)

Following the captivating first part of Noisey mini-documentary Bompton, viewers got an inside look at the city of Compton. Kendrick Lamar and 20-year best friend Lil L are among the

Pusha T Responds to Internet Trolls Clowning His Hair & Illuminati Membership (Video)

In the Vice series “The People Vs.,” artists are asked to respond to comments left on their music, such as on YouTube threads. In the past, folks like Migos, NWA,

38 Hours of Hip-Hop Playlists Map Out Hip-Hop’s Early Phases. Was Anything Left Out? (Audio)

The web has made it possible for anyone with the interest, time, and energy to create individual worlds which can then be shared with the masses. Perhaps nowhere is this

Israeli Hip-Hop Groups Have a Lot to Overcome, But the Music Keeps on Keeping On (Video)

For many, Israel is immediately associated with religious war and strife, not entirely incorrect but exceedingly short-sighted, as much of the country’s ancient cultural history is overshadowed in the media

A New Mini-Documentary Explores the History of N.W.A.’s ‘F the Police’ & its Influence in Compton (Video)

In the weeks since Straight Outta Compton hit theaters, the discussions about N.W.A.’s role in Hip-Hop history have become commonplace, and rightfully so. While arguments have been made that the

Remember the Classic Board Game Guess Who? Here’s a Wu-Tang Inspired Version

Childhood nostalgia for board games and the old-school have merged in a Noisey-developed rendition of Guess Who?, a guessing game that became popular in the United States in the early

Ice Cube: “There Would Be No Eminem Without N.W.A.”

For the first time in 25 years, all living members of N.W.A. will be performing live, together. As part of the BET Experience taking place this weekend, the seminal Rap

The People Talk to Raekwon About Ice Cream on YouTube. The Chef Talks Back (Video)

It’s been a long 20 years, but Raekwon’s “Ice Cream” is still cold. The Wu-Tang Clan posse cut celebrating the ethnic diversity of female fans remains a popular draw on

Noisey Releases The Biggest Posse Cut Ever Featuring More Than 35 Rappers (Video)

In the quest to put together the ultimate posse cut, Noisey assembled 35+ rappers in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York for a series of verses to be fused into

30 Of Your Favorite Rappers Are Getting Together On One Track (Video)

Just days after the Shady cXVpher rattled the Hip-Hop nation, traveling to five locations to film one grandiose, show-stopping cypher, a new trend in Hip-Hop may be on the rise.

Imagine Nas Recording The World Is Yours. It Would Look Like This (Video)

Vice has put together a cool concept called Most Valid Reason, in partnership with Sony, where they record artists doing a cappella versions of their songs. For Vol. 1 of

Freddie Gibbs Keeps it Gangsta in His Responses to Fans About Thuggin’ (Video)

Freddie Gibbs is the latest to participate in Noisey’s “The People vs…” series. Gangsta Gibbs read through actual comments from users about his “Thuggin'” video on YouTube. Gibbs was both

The Final Installment Of A$AP Rocky’s SVDDXNLY Series (Video)

The previous four episodes of Noisey’s SVDDXNLY Series gives the viewer an inside look into A$AP Rocky’s introduction into Hip-Hop, the history behind the A$AP Mob, and his rise to

A$AP Rocky Is Surrounded By Hip-Hop & Fashion’s Elite In SVDDXNLY Part 4 (Video)

While following him during Rihanna’s Diamonds Tour in 2013, Noisey and their SVDDXNLY series give another in depth look into the life of A$AP Rocky as he leaves his home

A$AP Rocky Reveals His Production Skills & Stories About His Late Brother & Father In SVDDXNLY: Part Two (Video)

Noisey continues their documentary following around A$AP Rocky and his cohorts on their rise to Hip-Hop’s forefront in part two of their SVDDXNLY series. In this webisode, we get an

Follow A$AP Rocky’s Rise To Stardom In SVDDXNLY Pt. 1 (Video)

A$AP Rocky’s ascension to the spotlight has been anything but sudden. Influenced by his older brother, Rocky has been rapping since he was 8 years old and it wasn’t until

Preview A$AP Rocky’s Rise To Fame In Upcoming Documentary SVDDXNLY (Video)

It’s clear now why A$AP Rocky and the rest of the Mob decided on their acronym, “Always Strive and Prosper,” as the young Harlem based artistic collective have done nothing

Action Bronson Heads To London To Disprove The Notion That English Food Lacks Flavor (Video)

From the proclaimed “Land of dirty sex, and cheap Chinese food,” Action Bronson’s “Fuck, That’s Delicious” NOISEY/VICE series heads to London, England. In a popular tourist destination not often associated

Action Bronson Chases Caribbean Cuisine In Miami, Sandwiches In Philly (Video)

Action Bronson’s F*ck, That’s Delicious food series for Noisey gets a much-needed follow-up episode. Bam Bam raids the I-95 corridor for goodies, from Miami to Atlanta, with a bonus stop

Killer Mike & El-P Give the Most Awesome Advice Ever to Hipsters. Check out What Else They Had to Say to YouTube Fans (Video)

Noisey had Killer Mike and El-P respond to the comments section under their 36 Inch Chain video and, not surprisingly, Run the Jewels’ commentary was hilarious. Check out the video

Snoop Dogg & A$AP Rocky: Back & Forth Pt. 1 (Video)

No topic is off limits when you put Snoop Dogg and A$AP Rocky together for a conversation (particularly when the medicinal herb is involved). The 2 discuss the difference in

Just Blaze X Roofeeo – Back and Forth (Interview)

It’s not very often we see artists take the role of the interviewer, so when Noisey launched their “Back & Forth” series, we got to witness a totally different type

Wu Wisdom – Back and Forth with Wu-Tang Clan – Part 1 (Video)

Inspectah Deck and Mathematics talk about the early days of Wu (imagine Inspectah Deck battling Ghostface in a breakdance competition…). You can hear about that story and more in the

The People vs. Action Bronson (Video)

Here’s a hilarious video from Noisey of Action Bronson responding to YouTube comments about him and his video for The Symbol. Check it out below. Related: Action Bronson – The

Snoop discusses his change from Dogg to Lion (Video)

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about Snoop Dogg’s evolution to Snoop Lion. Here’s an in-depth piece where we hear about the change from the Boss Lion himself. He

Schoolboy Q & A$AP Rocky – Back and Forth interview (Video)

Schoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky have had some dope collabos and they are the latest to sit down and have a Back and Forth convo. They talk marriage, money, women

Big K.R.I.T. & EL-P – Back and Forth (Video)

What would Big K.R.I.T. and EL-P talk about if they had a conversation? Wonder no more. They are the latest to sit down and kick it as part of Noisey’s