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The Roots Announce Their Next Album Is Less Than 6 Weeks Away

Earlier this week, The Roots dropped off “When The People Cheer,” their first completely in-house, new music in over a year. ?uestlove, Black Thought, Tuba Gooding, Jr. and the rest

The Roots Premiere A New Song That Speaks To Everyman (Audio)

Although The Roots worked with Elvis Costello in 2013, it’s been some months since the Heads were treated to a completely Roots Crew jam. That changed today with “When The

Here’s a Look at Day 1 of Questlove’s First Day on The Tonight Show (Video)

The Legendary Roots Crew made the move with Jimmy Fallon and is now the house band for The Tonight Show. Here’s an inside look at Questlove’s day 1 on the

?uestlove Speaks at the Red Bull Lecture Series (Video)

This Red Bull Lecture series has been dope so far. This week’s installment with ?uestlove makes it even better. ?uest drops a wealth of knowledge about The Legendary Roots Crew,

Nardwaur vs. ?uestlove (Video)

Nardwaur vs. ?uestlove. You’re not ready…Check out the video (all 45 minutes of it). Related: A Day in the Life of ?uestlove (Video)

Questlove and D’Angelo discuss their mutual love of Prince (Video)

Here’s a little something for the Prince stans out there. Questlove and D’Angelo share the story of how their mutual love of Prince brought them together. Check out the video.

?uestlove interview with The Bee Shine (Video)

The mighty ?uestlove is one of hip-hop’s most stately ambassadors.  Here’s an introspective interview where he discusses his love for music, how Whitney Houston’s death caused him to change his

Questlove J. Dilla tribute (Video)

It’s never a bad day for some J. Dilla music. Here’s an hour long set of Dilla-produced beats spun by the one and only Questlove. Check out the video. Related:

Questlove releases his demo reference track for the Beastie Boys Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tribute (Audio)

Back in April we got to see the Beastie Boys Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tribute that featured The Roots, Kid Rock and Travie McCoy. It turns out the