Rah Digga Reaches For That Raw, Alongside William Cooper (Audio)

Celebrating the just-released God’s Will, Black Market Militia member William Cooper drops the high-energy “Closer to God.” As a harrowing Gospel-laced backdrop plays, Cooper calls forth the assistance of New

Rah Digga Teaching Music & Hip-Hop Classes To Newark, New Jersey Youth

It’s a great thing when MCs walk it like they talk it. Rah Digga is one of the greats at that. The Jersey City, New Jersey MC has signed on

Rah Digga Talks To The New Crop Of MCs With Chuck D Chiming In, Take Heed (Audio)

One week after “Bish Wha?,” Rah Digga locks in on her strong return to form. The North Jersey native is a proud product of never conforming to male-standards of how

Rah Digga Is Not Playing Around. She Hops On A Dipset-Style Beat & Cleans House (Audio)

When it comes to making Rap tracks about Rap, Rah Digga is one of the best. On “Bish Whaaa,” she points out that the former affiliate of both Flipmode Squad