Durag Dynasty – Fish Meat ft Prodigy

Before there was Albert Einstein this year, there was “Fish Meat.” Planet Asia and Alchemist’s Durag Dynasty clique (which also features Tri-State and Killer Ben) enlisted the M-O-B-B MC who has never been far from the mix for a song that smells like Fulton Street Fish Market. The kitchen visual with pistols, lightbulbs, and latex gloves complements this dusted out track perfectly. 360 Waves was an acquired taste earlier this year, but it really deserves much greater recognition than folks seemed to give. Personally speaking, I think it’s Asia’s best work since the Cali Agents days, and whatever Alchemist has been doing since Gangrene, I simply think he’s hit his stride with these rare grooves, guitar riffs, and dirty drums. Al is one of the most versatile, prolific producers of all-time, let alone his generation. Have some haddock. Related: Planet Asia – Furniture (Video)