Breeze Brewin – Brew”IN Control

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It would take a week’s vacation to sift through all of the “Control” responses. Personally speaking, I thought a lot of them were misguided and quick pleas for a fast-saturated discussion space. However, in all of the debris that exploded from Kendrick Lamar’s bomb, this one is kind of interesting.

Maybe you’ve heard of The Juggaknots, maybe not. Chances are, you’ve heard Breeze Brewin’. This former EastWest Records hopeful was the leading character in Prince Paul’s 1999 Hip-Hopera Prince Among Thieves. A former Fat Beats clerk, da Brewin is a ferocious MC from his days of off-kilter linguistics with Uptown collective The Juggaknots. Breeze has a stream-of-consciousness flow that’s up there with the fellas from Shaolin at times, despite a limited discography. Whether on some Kool Keith-style taking umbrage with every lyric or an honest question of whether Black Hippy is up on a Fondle ‘Em Records cult-classic, Breeze Brewin stepped back at K.Dot with “Brew”IN Control.”

If you like this, there’s a bonus-beat from the ultra-rare, once-re-released Clear Blue Skies Juggaknots debut from ’96. Like their label-mates The Cenubites, the ‘Knots were a prototype to a style re-considered thanks to Earl Sweatshirt and Pro Era.

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