Crate Diggers: Tony Touch

Forever and always, Tony Touch is my favorite 1990s NYC mixtape DJ. We used to buy his tapes (usually colored plastic cassettes) that would ship in from Tapekingz. The freestyle-format was so fresh, and Tony Toca would always make your money count with sounds you couldn’t hear anywhere else. Plus, those tapes often allowed MCs without big contracts to shine, such as Hurricane G, Louisville Sluggah, and even the mighty Ed Lover had amazing raps. However, Tony doesn’t get the props he deserves as a producer. The Brooklyn DJ (who also raps) cooked heaters for Sunz Of Man and Boot Camp Clik back in the day, but you could also hear the chops on his Piece Maker series (still loved the way he beefed up the Pointer Sisters drums on “He’s The Greatest DJ” with Total back in 2000). Fuse honored Tony with a Crate Diggers look. The Shade 45 host pulls out some classic cuts from his crates from Afrika Bamabaataa & The Soulsonic Force (which inspired his new Piece Maker 3 artwork), Grand Puba and Choice MC’s. Stolen Tommy Boy singles from a would-be Tommy Boy Records artist—too dope. Related: Crate Diggers: DJ Babu (Video)