DJ Kool Herc, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane & More To Do Free NYC Park Show (Event)

If you’re within a day’s drive of New York City on August 10, you have an opportunity to live, breathe, hear, and see true hip-hop history. The Godfather DJ Kool Kerc, pioneer Coke La Rock, iconic MCs Big Daddy Kane & Rakim, and our friend DJ Premier are all slated to perform a free show at City Parks Foundation’s SummerStage.

This commemorates the 40th anniversary of hip-hop culture. Guests include scratch-pioneer Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Red Alert, Marley Marl, Roxanne Shante, DJ Jerry Dee, Skoob from Das EFX, the Soul Sonic Force, and many more.

Per a press release, “On August 10, 1973, DJ Kool Herc and his sister, Cindy Campbell, began hosting parties in the recreation room of their building at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the South Bronx, now recognized by the NY State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation as the “birthplace of hip-hop.” Taking their cue from the extended percussive breaks of Jamaican Dub music, Kool Herc and his peers began using two turntables to lengthen the briefer breaks of hit Soul, Funk and Disco tracks, and in the process laid the very bedrock of the Hip-Hop movement.”

What a birthday party.

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