Drake & Ma$e Photo: What Does It All Mean?

Whether it’s the early ’90s silk fashions or returning to the studio vocal, Ma$e has always been unpredictable since the Children Of Da Corn days. In a recent interview on Hot 97 with Funkmaster Flex, Ma$e stated that every time he feels he’s done with the game, it keeps coming back to him so he must be “meant to do it.” Nothing says status symbol like bringing out the O.G.’s just ’cause. This recently-taken photo of Mason and Drizzy could be the latest in a series of Murda Ma$e comebacks with hot artists of the moment, ranging from Nelly, to Kanye West, to 50 Cent, to those ongoing Diddy reunions. If nothing else, this shot prompts discussion, in fashion and rap circles. Related: Ma$e speaks with Sway on the Sway in the Morning Show (Video)