Nas Times Square Hennessy Billboard (Video)

Now billboards in New York aren’t a rare occurrence, but when a 170-foot tall image of a Hip-Hop icon is draped over Times Square, it’s definitely a reason to stop and take notice. As a part of their “Wild Rabbit” campaign, Hennessy has created the largest single illuminated billboard display in the entire country, featuring a 9,515 square foot picture of Nas.

The billboard also displays Nas’ description of what drives his Wild Rabbit chase, stating: “The further I get, the further I want to go”. It took 12 workers and over seven  hours to hoist and hang the historic 1400-pound vinyl display. From the streets of Queensbridge to Times Square, Hip-Hop’s ambassador has definitely came a long way since “Halftime.” Related: Nas Raises Money to Aid Homeless Family (Video)