Pete Rock Breaks Down His Favorite James Brown Records

I was at a 1960s-themed event the other night, and the DJ kept playing the James Brown records that really crossed over into mainstream such as “Papas Got A Brand New Bag” and “I Got You (I Feel Good).” From those Pop records to some of the fabric that formed Hip-Hop, to Disco, to Jazz, to the JB’s and their part in Parliament Funkadelic, it amazes me that “The Greatest Entertainer” reached us in so many different levels and ways. From the Godfather of Soul to the Soul Brother #1, Pete Rock breaks down his favorite James Brown records and the King label’s founder in this cool “Just One Record” series. It’s hard for any Head to have just one record, but check this out—as well as mine, from James.

James Brown – Down & Out in New York City

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