Buddy – You Good ft DJ Quik & Suga Free

DJ Quik and Suga Free maintain a longtime collaborative history. One has to love how these two are on-again, off-again, musically and professionally. Heads always want to see Suga and Quik together, ’cause the music is a force like no other. The Pomona pimp and the Compton conductor link up with young Buddy, who makes a track with the pair that sounds extremely contemporary, despite the 20-plus-years of history. Quik laced the beat, which is no surprise, as anybody who ever listened to “Justify My Thug” or “Addictive” knows that the man who was once reportedly signed to Profile Records (as DJ Quik) and Death Row Records (as David Blake) at the same time has versatility like RGIII.

Now if only we can get Quik, Suga, Hi-C, AMG and 2nd II None back in the room together.

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