Gangrene – Bassheads

Gangrene is one of the best outfits making music that doesn’t seem to come up nearly enough in conversation. The Decon Records duo of Alchemist and Oh No has product in stores, two albums (plus a Greneberg effort with Roc Marciano), all deserving of the almighty dollar. Hopefully an inclusion on GTAV (the new Grand Theft Auto game) raises that profile. “Bassheads” is throwback in many ways. It’s rare to hear that term used these days—referring to crackheads (care of the base-pipe). However, Al and The Disrupt are referring to the “kickers and amps, cold lined up in my trunk” that PMD was talking about. Since the days of DJ Magic Mike and So So Def, some of us just love bass. This is a cool homage to the days of the ’90s when blowing a license plate off the back of your car could impress a fly female (watched it happen).

I’m not a video game head anymore, but the GTAV commercials have me fiendin’.

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