Kendrick Lamar Explains The Musical Inspiration Behind His Name and Performs m.A.A.d. City (Video)

While it’d be nice if “In Living Color” was also back, with Keenan Ivory Wayans still able to poke fun at some of the stuff, Arsenio Hall’s latenight platform was a crucial trailblazer in legitimizing Hip-Hop in the mainstream. Moreover, Arsenio (who points out in this interview that he’s a close friend of Dr. Dre’s), was always unafraid of Gangsta Rap, and its stars.

In a blitz of Hip-Hop coverage, Eddie Murphy’s homie hosted Kendrick Lamar. Arsenio’s most poignant question reveals that the Compton superstar of the 2010s was named after another prolific songwriter. The Temptations’ Eddie Kendricks inspired K-Dot’s mom to place that name on her newborn son. I also love that Kendrick discusses what’s currently in his car stereo, and says he was brought up on “Oldies and Gangsta Rap.” That’s what was played in our apartment growing up too.

For those not up on Eddie’s greatness, there’s some classic Eddie solo material below the interview:

Kendrick Lamar Performs m.A.A.d. City

Eddie Kendricks – If You Let Me

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