Lil Dap – Things Ain’t The Same ft JT3

I’m a huge Group Home fan. That first album, The Realness, really stuck to my ribs for its hard life truths, in addition to masterful DJ Premier production. Lil Dap is an acquired taste to some, but I loved his brut delivery and moreso,what he was saying, not how he said it. The whole Gang Starr Foundation were masters of non-fiction, hardcore Hip-Hop.

E. Smitty gives Dap what he needs most—evocative, up-from-the-subway beats, as he talks about changing times and codes. Joined by young MC JT3, this is a cool track from somebody who was a master of that mid-’90s Champion Hoodie Rap that everybody with a WiFi signal in 2013 is seemingly out the mimic. Pay attention to an originator…

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