Vinnie Paz – God Bless

The Pazmanian Devil has always been an artist I listened to get me in that mood, or sometimes to relate to when I’m already in that mood. Having been a Jedi Mind Tricks fan/supporter since the Superregular Records days (even worked a lil’ street-team on the maxi-single to “Animal Rap” featuring Kool G Rap and Canibus), I think I’m allowed to say that the South Philly MC has gotten better with time. Not a day goes by in the gym that I don’t play “Cheesesteaks” (irony, right?).

Well, Vin’s Enemy Soil team told us that he’s releasing an EP on October 29, Carry On Tradition, digitally and on limited edition vinyl (coming in November). This eight-song project includes work with La Coka Nostra/Special Teamz’ Slaine, Funk Volume’s Jarren Benton, Blacastan, and Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers.

This is the first single, “God Bless.” With a title like that, you know it’s going to be powerful themes pushing the track—and with Vin talking about his father, his place in the game, and those fast hands comin’ up at challengers, you already know…

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