Black Moon Tells Enta Da Stage Stories 20 Years Later (Video)

Twenty years ago this month, Buckshort, DJ Evil Dee and 5FT made history with their debut album Enta Da Stage. As Black Moon, the Brooklyn trio gave Hip-Hop a sound that sounded just as edgy as the lyrics. A careful balance of stick-up tactics, weed-induced riddims, and ’90s NYC imagery, the LP would go on to become a certified classic, ushering in the Boot Camp Clik.

Duck Down Records, which although did not release the album (Nervous Records has that claim), has always perpetuated the importance of Black Moon’s (and Smif n’ Wessun’s) debut. DD shot this video with the three founding members recounting stories of the group’s formation, album title and cover, and legendary Hip-Hop figure Chuck Chillout’s role in their discography. Buck is humble about his verse on “Enta Da Stage” as Da Beatminerz’ Evil Dee opens up about cutting his teeth in the mixing room. Although it’s been some years since an album, so happy to see the love between this group—and their live show is still tight as ever.

Ambrosia For Heads has more coming on this album, this week.

Bonus #FunFact: In this video, you’ll see a framed plaque for Mark Morrison’s 1996 hit single “Return Of The Mack.” While Cutfather & Joe were credited with the production on the Atlantic Records crossover hit for the UK rapper, guess who was hired (without credit) to come in and tighten it up into the hit that it was? Hint: He’s on the mix (C’mon, and kick it!).

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