Get A Glimpse Of The Jimi Hendrix Hear My Train A Comin’ Documentary (Video)

Jimi Hendrix was a guitar god. The master of Blues, Rock and Psychedelia all in one has been the subject of many books in films. Outside of the prospects of OutKast’s Andre 3000 playing the Washington state native in a biopic, Jimi’s ties to Hip-Hop run deep. The music of Hendrix prompted samples on such hits as The Pharcyde’s “Passin’ Me By,” Digital Underground’s “The Way We Swing,” and The Beastie Boys’ aptly-titled “Jimmy James.”

In preparations for Hear My Train A Comin’, PBS premiered a two-minute trailer of the film looking Jimi’s life, technical genius, and place in history. This is absolutely something worth watching.

As a bonus beat, check out J-Zone’s Jimi Hendrix inspired mixtape, Experienced! from 2006.

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