Jay Z Buys 100 Copies Of Nipsey Hussle’s $100 Mixtape, Crenshaw

We’re big fans of Nipsey Hussle over here at Ambrosia For Heads. But we’re not the only ones. It always seems to sound a little foreign when artists charge money for mixtapes in 2013—at least off the bat. Well, Nip’ gave away Crenshaw for free, but then, for those lookin’ for that hardcopy a la Crenshaw Swap Meet style, he sold his tape for $100. Well, back in Manhattan, Jay Z, ever the lover of art, patronized (the good kind) Nipsey’s hustle by buying 100 copies.

I love what this says about Hip-Hop in a few ways.

1. The hard copy is cool, and commercial (when people care enough to support).

2. Jay’s paying attention to everything (not just Robinson Cano’s contract)

3. Once written off after Epic Records delays and various management switches, Nipsey’s popularity and reach is arguably at an all-time high.

4. Remember when mixtapes (on cassette) used to cost a pretty penny? Not advocating that, but kind of a cool throwback to the tapes that the O.G.’s were sellin’.

Maybe supporting peers is the new status-symbol-signing, eh?

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