Kool G Rap & Necro Pull Back The Hammers On Trigga 4 Hire (Audio)

Kool G Rap is often pigeonholed to the innovative lyricism of his Cold Chillin’ years with DJ Polo. While those albums, singles, and individual verses cannot be overstated for their importance to the craft of Rap, sometimes the Queens, New Yorker is overlooked for his straight-up gangsterism. As G pointed out on “First Nigga” over a decade ago, he was one of the first MCs to talk about poppin’ guns, diamonds in the jelly-jars, and more.

In the Once Upon A Crime collaborative project with Brooklyn’s Necro, the music heard thus far has been closer to the BK MC/producer’s wheelhouse. Plenty of fans love the work made by the Non-Phixion, Cage and Raekwon producer who famous flipped LL Cool J’s early hit into the raw fiend anthem “I Need Drugs” in the underground glory years. However, on “Trigga 4 Hire,” we get that Roots Of Evil Kool G Rap that rappers adore, and some critics were confused by. This is hardcore, lyrical, true-school Hip-Hop with more than one lisp.

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