The Natural Elements Return In An Unlikely Fashion, Saying There’s No Competition (Audio)

In the booming late ’90s-early 2000s scene of “Underground Hip-Hop” in New York City, one group who was deeply present was the Natural Elements. Alumni of Stretch & Bobbito’s radio show, the crew which included A-Butta, L Swift and Mr. Voodoo as core MCs got a major cosign from DJ Premier on Reality Check 101. Those who remember may recall that the Payday Records compilation also introduced Company Flow to many, among other groups.

Well, since the late ’90s, Natural Elements expanded to include Brownsville Ka, and while each member pursued solo and side projects, the name lived on. N.E.’s producer Charlemagne would go forward to produce singles for Talib Kweli, Capone-N-Norega and Cam’ron, in addition to joints for Jay Z, Shyne, and Smoothe The Hustler & Ice-T’s SMG LP. After almost a decade hiatus, Natural Elements (with new name-changes) are back with “Competition Is None.”

Charlemagne is back on the boards, flipping 2011 Pop single “Call Me Maybe” in a way that might surprise you—as it’s limited and careful, and still pretty Hip-Hop. With Ka’s The Night’s Gambit hitting some Year-End lists in a few weeks, perhaps it’s the perfect time for N.E.’s return?

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