WC Explains Why He Avoided The Westside Connection & Cypress Hill Beef (Video)

One of the feuds that people tend to forget is the 1996 battle between Westside Connection and Cypress Hill. In the wake of 2Pac’s murder, Eazy-E’s death, and all the subliminals happening between The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, and Wu-Tang Clan, it’s easy to forget. However, a clever interviewer briefly asked WC a really interesting question: on W.S.C’s diss record, “King Of The Hill,” why was The Jankiest’s verse not really about B Real, DJ Muggs or Sen Dog?

WC’s answer may surprise you. This beef, which was squashed a few years later—and had Cube and B Real collaborating once more (care of Shaq), tied in Mack 10, who’s no longer down with Cube and Dub.

From his ties to DJ Premier, to UGK, to Ice-T, to Coolio being a member of M.A.D.D. Circle, WC has one of Hip-Hop’s most under-covered stories. It’s great that he’s still doing in after 25 years, including this year’s LP with Daz Dillinger.

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