Yelawolf Enlists Paul Wall For Some Trunk Muzik Hustling That Works On Two Levels (Video)

“Hustle” has become such a Hip-Hop cliche. Ever since Ricky Rozay’s breakthrough 2006 single, everybody’s hustling and/or a hustler, but everybody’s looking for dividends. Both Yelawolf and Paul Wall have entered the scene (five-plus years apart, at the mainstream level) focused more on style than pushing the hustling envelope.

For Trunk Muzik Returns, Yela really went back to the place of his 2010 tape that shook things up. The video for “Hustle” features Yela’s ’66 Chevy sedan with the dump-hydraulics, while Paul rolls his own ’71 Chevy “donk” convertible, with some southern backdrops. Yela absolutely tears the song apart with a hitch-hiking analogy to the industry, and that same imagery of back-road living gone wrong that made his early work so intriguing and unique.

Both of these men have stars and bars as industry veterans, and both have had run-ins with the major label system holding them up, or compromising their art. Between the lines, this song addresses all of that, and along the way, makes the kind of music both men seem to really identify with in their hearts.

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