DJ Premier Cuts The Scratches To Who’s Gonna Take The Weight Live (Video)

Asking a Head to name their favorite Gang Starr tracks can be a lot like Sophie’s Choice. From the joints included on the duo’s two greatest hits compilations onto the album cuts from 1986 to 2003, it was all pretty revolutionary for beats, rhymes, style, charisma, and “tha voice.” One cut that many Heads seem to love is “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?.”

The second single from 1991’s Step Into The Arena employed that Bomb Squad cacophonous chorus heard on Public Enemy records of the day, except when the beat returned to the backdrop for Guru’s verses, it was heavily Jazz-influenced. Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal kicked ill knowledge on a record made for boomboxes on the J train of the day.

Approaching four years without Guru, DJ Premier rocked it out in real-time for UNIUN Nightclub in Toronto, Ontario:

Because there’s never enough Gang Starr, we put the full version below:


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