Eminem Don’t Front When It Comes To Honoring Black Moon, Buckshot & Duck Down (Audio)

One of Rap’s ultimate “what-if’s” has always surrounded Eminem and Duck Down Records. The house that Buckshot and Dru Ha built made a play to sign the Detroit MC when he was kickin’ around the NYC underground with Skam?, Thirstin Howl III, and Wordsworth. In the end, Eminem inked a deal with a guy named Andre Young, and the rest is platinum and diamond history.

Would Em’s base be any different had he been rollin’ with Rockness Monstah and Louieville Sluggah instead of Xzibit and Rihanna? Probably. However, whether it’s giving 45 King massive single placements, remixing Masta Ace joints, the 8 Mile music supervision, or shouting out Kool Keith, Slim Shady never forgot where he came from. That’s true of this Black Moon-inspired “Don’t Front” which we caught a snippet of last week.


Here’s hoping that anybody new to the BDI Thug by way of this look does some further research.

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