Eminem Still Breathes Different Life Into Stan 13 Years Later (Video)

Eminem’s had four #1 singles. 2000’s “Stan” is not one of them. However, in a career that’s paved in humorous pop culture mockery as well as inspirational records, “Stan” always showed another, even deeper side of Em. The concept record co-produced by Flavor Unit co-founder 45 King introduced American audiences to Dido, and featured a slow, melodic, ballad of the thin line between fan and obsession.

Thirteen years ago, Em could not have imagined how loyal his base would grow, where “Stan” became a bit of a reality. However, the song remains a jewel in the lengthy catalog from Detroit’s superstar. As Em rolls out his campaign for the platinum Marshall Mathers LP 2, he went back and performed his hit from the original for BBC.

As Em performances are rare, especially of back catalog, this is a special moment. Even without Dido (or Elton John, who also famously filled in during an early 2001 performance), the song brings chills, and shows why Em is one of the best Hip-Hop songwriters of all-time. Wouldn’t it be great if he and 45 King linked again?

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