Eminem Unveils The Marshall Mathers LP 2 On iTunes (Album Stream)

In a strange year for Hip-Hop, Eminem’s 8th studio album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has had a cycle less than 10 weeks from its MTV Video Music Awards announcement. #MMLP2 as it could seemingly also be known pairs Em with Rick Rubin, a Rap production pioneer who shaped the way the culture sounds care of work with LL Cool J, Run-DMC, and those Beastie Boys.

After lending hands to Kanye West and Jay Z in the 23rd hour for their 2013 LPs, R.R. and M.M. booked studio time and billed an album that’s said to be a call-back to Em’s 2000 magnum opus (arguably, to fans of The Slim Shady LP). As songs have leaked through the week, soliciting a spectrum of responses, iTunes offers up a full, uninterrupted stream of the Aftermath/Interscope Records sneak-attack.

After hearing Marshall Mathers LP 2, how do you feel 2013 going to be remembered from a mainstream perspective?

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