Fashawn Unveils The Ecology With The Evidence-Produced Single, The Beginning (Video)

Fresno’s Fashawn has let four years slide between Boy Meets World and his studio sophomore album. After dabbling with many styles in between on mixtapes and joints with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Murs, and Alchemist, Fash comes home to start rolling out The Ecology. Taking its name from the powerful Planet Asia-assisted cut from ’09’s debut, the album has been tightly under wraps amidst label changes, etc.

Although initially billed to be produced entirely by Exile (as was the case with the debut), Evidence supplies the backbone to the first glimpse, a video as “The Beginning.” It’s amazing after how so many a la carte joints about weed, women, and aspirational living, Fash snaps right back into form to being the modest voice of reason that everybody can relate to.

Bonus Fact: Punit Deshi, who has done all of Fash’s videos, co-directed this with Ev, who doubles as an award-winning photographer, just as his mother was.

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