Kanye West Talks With Acclaimed Author Bret Easton Ellis In Podcast Debut (Audio)

If you’re not up on author Bret Easton Ellis, you should be. This contemporary best-selling author is a gestalt of sex, drugs, and pop culture in his works like American Psycho, Less Than Zero, Rules Of Attraction and more. As seen in the resulting film adaptations, Eric B. & Rakim and LL Cool J hits appear, implying Ellis’ connection to Hip-Hop.


Also inspired by sex, drugs, and pop culture, Kanye West channeled Bret’s Horror works in the roll-out to Yeezus with the American Psycho-inspired short film. Now the two artistes sit down together to discuss films (something Twitter followers know ‘Ye feels passionately about), fashion, and race.

A worthy listen.

If you had an hour-long chat with Kanye, what would you like to know?

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