Kanye West Unveils Bound 2 Visual Extensively Featuring Kim Kardashian (Video)

The closing track to Yeezus is one of its most potent. Kanye West revisits his The College Dropout and Late Registration technique ever so slightly, with a song that’s clearly a love ballad, as only ‘Ye can do it.

Kanye stopped by comedian/actress/television talk mogul Ellen Degeneres to air the video. As the case with many Kanye videos, it’s hard to put to words. However, if you enjoy Planet Earth and big-budget nature videography, you may appreciate this sweet serenade which features a lot of Kanye’s love, Kim Kardashian. The true, unripped version will follow A.S.A.P.

UPDATE: As promised, the full, unedited version:

What do you think of this one?

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