Mister Cee Drops A 10th Anniversary Black Album Mix (Audio)

Mister Cee was one of the earliest DJs to compile the work of a young Shawn Carter and let everybody know to take notice. In the tradition of Best Of Biggie, Best Of Redman, and Best Of Mobb Deep, Big Daddy Kane’s longtime DJ grabbed those early freestyles and guest spots from Marcy’s favorite son, Jay Z, and tracked them out for all to recognize. That was in the ’90s.

In 2013, it’s only right that one of the most impactful sets of ears on radio (and off) honored this week’s 10th anniversary of Jay Z’s The Black Album. As expected, the mix is more than just the album cuts, with Cee also including some of the original tracks that were sampled. The Finisher lives up to his title as one of the best mixmaster-storytellers in Hip-Hop. What more can we say?


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