Raekwon Knows A Thing Or Two About A Rainy Day (Audio)

Eighteen years ago, Raekwon The Chef made a cult masterpiece with Ghostface Killah and Blue Raspberry. in “Rainy Dayz” (and the heavily-overlooked Diamond D remix). The song is coveted among Rae and Wu-Tang Clan fans, and has been covered and referenced by contemporaries and predecessors alike. Always calling back to the mid-’90s in his raps and calculated moves, Raekwon delivers “A Rainy Day” in 2013.

The song is not a sequel by any means, but clearly references/interpolates aspects of the original ’95 live jam. What’s even cooler, the tone may be kept, but the subject matters are wildly different.


Rae’s understanding of his fans’ demands is hard to match. The retail F.I.L.A. laces up soon.

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