Raekwon Makes A Nuevo Sounding Single With Melanie Fiona On Soundboy Kill It (Audio)

Raekwon, with his Wu-Tang Clan, was instrumental in making Loud Records an imprint destination for dope Hip-Hop throughout the 1990s. When Steve Rifkind sold the company to Sony Records, he launched SRC Records, under Universal. In addition to Akon, one of Rifkind’s 2000s successes was songstress Melanie Fiona.

Mel and Chef link on “Soundboy Kill It.” If expecting a Dancehall-inspired sound on this one, not the case. A polished, (Jerry Wonda-produced) contemporary revamp of a Disco break makes the records smooth texture, while Rae shifts into a mainstream speed with Mel’s sweet melodies. In a year where Staten Island’s O.G. hasn’t released an album, he’s certainly experimented with a versatile repertoire of influences and approaches.

Raekwon - Son of Sam

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